• What if you had an ally by your side?

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    Hi, I'm Clara

    I help high-achieving women who struggle with stress and stagnation at work so they can reclaim clarity, purpose and joy in their careers and their lives.

  • Here's How I Can Help You

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    Become Yourself

    This programme takes you through a journey of self-discovery and purpose to create your most fulfilling life and career.


    • One 90 min. discovery session
    • 5 60 min. 1:1 coaching sessions
    • Your very own bespoke Birkman behaviour profile report to map out your motivators, talents, crucial needs, stressors and success elements.


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    Career Clarity

    I will help you discover, convey and get recognition for your true talents so that you flow into the career you want and deserve.


    • 9 60 min. coaching sessions
    • Targeted, bespoke Career Branding assignments
    • Your very own personalised Career Branding manual so you can relaunch your career with a bang


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    CV Insight

    An expert review of your CV so that it can rise to the top of mind for your Dream Job.


    • A complete video review of your CV within 48 business hours.
    • Optimisation strategies for your CV's direction, language, layout and effectiveness.


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    Interview Gold

    Prepare to glow in your upcoming job interview!


    • A 45-minute interview simulation via Zoom, based on the role you're applying for
    • A 45 min. debrief right after, covering the highlights and your opportunities for improvement
    • You will get a recording of the interview and the debrief, as well as a report with bespoke top tips

    € 615.00

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    Helping Hand

    Conflict? Trouble? Career surprise?

    This is a priority booking 60-minute coaching session to tackle emergencies so that you know the immediate steps to take.


    € 299.00

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    Not Quite Sure?

    Maybe a bespoke program would suit you best?

    Grab a cuppa and let's chat on Zoom to figure out where you are, where you want to be, and what we can do to get you there.


    It's on the house ;-)

  • What They Say About Me

    Clients who have had their careers and lives transformed

    "Fruitful and Gratifying"

    "[Clara] gave me more clarity and purpose while navigating my next steps . [She] is forward-thinking, supporting me with current needs while leading me to connect passion and purpose to maximize my long-term career goals."

    "Powerful and Passionate"

    "How lucky I am to have found [Clara] at this very moment and to have been able to receive this light that only shines from those who know they are exercising their true gift. Clara guided me through an extremely successful career transition and I strongly recommend her to everyone I know."

    "Humour, Warmth and Trust"

    "Clara is very present and has a clear focus on you as the client. She is authentic and respectful, and you feel very supported. These conversations helped me build my confidence. I have developed a more relaxed attitude towards the ups and downs that appear when you carry out your plans. I highly recommend her."

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    About Me

    The evolution in my own career, -- from Art to Clinical Psychology to HR Executive to Career, Executive & Life Coach -- all stem from my deep awe of Human Nature. I was fortunate enough to travel the world in my youth, which made me multilingual and culturally adaptable. I have developed thousands of professionals in Fortune 500 companies, from mid-management to C-level, in over 25 countries.


    You'll see me at my happiest in the "Aha!" moments in my coaching practice, or else travelling someplace completely different with a camera in my hand, clicking away at curiosities and having deep conversations with people.


    I love what I do. I am never, ever bored.