Bring the sizzle back to your career!

  • Does your career align with your purpose?

    If your career has been leading to stress, burnout, and loss

    instead of purpose and energy, do you know what you need?

    An ally.

  • Hi, I'm Clara!

    I help international executives who struggle with frustration and burnout in their jobs, so they can bring the sizzle and satisfaction back in their careers.

    When they work with me they connect deeply with their true life purpose, becoming fulfilled and thrilled by their careers and their life.

  • Here's How I Can Help You

    Three programs to make your career amazing again!

    Job Search Pipeline™

    Looking for your next challenge?

    Through my proven Job Search Pipeline™ methodology, I've got your back by building you a bespoke, easy-to-follow plan that integrates your needs, your strengths, your branding, your reach and your target and your interview pizzazz, thus increasing your job search efficiency by 50-80%.


    What you get: 
    • 10 one-hour online sessions, where you can choose from:
    • Professional objective definition
    • Career mapping
    • Behavioural profiling tools
    • My high-impact Power CV™ methodology
    • Market Approach Strategies
    • Interview preparation
    • Salary negotiation

    Career SOS™

    Career emergency?

    Are you in a bit of a fix with bad vibes in your current job, a sudden change in your employment, the urgent need for an incredible CV, an incredible interview you need to prepare for? Turn a crisis into an incredible opportunity with my short and sweet career boosters!


    You can choose from:

    • Career First Aid: a 3 session program for those who have suddenly left (or are about to leave) their jobs
    • A brand-new high-impact Power CV™, tailored to your target job
    • Social media revamp so you can get the right message across
    • Interview prep to make a stellar first impression

    Executive Branding™

    Are you causing the right impression?

    This comprehensive program will help you reduce conflict and increase your impact so you can open the doors to your dream career.


    What you get: 

    • 10 one-hour online sessions with me to define your objectives, your style, your audience and how to get your action strategy going
    • A link to The Birkman Method questionnaire, to pinpoint your preferences and your behavioural profile and preferences
    • A comprehensive, anonymous questionnaire for up to 6 colleagues, to help us gain clarity on how you're perceived by others (optional, at a reduced rate)
    • All the short-and-sweet offline support you need

    From Burnout to Sizzle™

    Is your career dragging you down?

    Burning out? I am here to help! Together, we will pinpoint and tackle sources of stress that are affecting your personal and professional life!


    What you get: 

    • 10 one-hour online sessions to help you pinpoint and effectively deal with stressors
    • All the short-and-sweet offline support you need
    • All tools and questionnaires included!
  • Hablo español! Falo português! English spoken!

    As an expat, I cater to international clients, and am able to meet your language needs.

  • Let's chat

    Grab a cuppa and let's get your career sorted.

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