• Lifesaver

    Real-time coaching to turn your crisis into an opportunity

  • Something has come up and you sure could use a hand, huh?

    You're up to your neck in things you need to sort out, and now something completely unexpected lands on your plate.


    It could be a dreaded call from your boss.

    Or a new opportunity you're not sure you're ready for.

    Or an issue that could potentially be life-changing.


    And here you are, stretched to your limit, not knowing what to do next...

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    I've got your back!

    I'm here to help you sort through the mess and get back on your feet right now so that you can reclaim your confidence and energy, knowing what steps to take right away.

  • What They Say

    I'm happiest when my clients find their spark

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    - Author and Composer

    Working with Clara has been at times, amazing, tearful, exciting, fearful.... all emotions that had to be expressed and released in order to move forward. Clara's ability to hand-hold and to challenge in equal measures is what makes her a great coach.
    Clara is the mentor/tough love best friend we all need from time to time to help make our dreams a reality.


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    - Head of Marketing

    I am grateful for all the decisions [she has] taken in life that led [Clara] to where [she is]: full, powerful, passionate about what [she does]. How lucky I am to have found [Clara] at this very moment and to have been able to receive this light that only shines from those who know they are exercising their true gift. Clara guided me through an extremely successful career transition and I strongly recommend her to everyone I know.

  • What You Get

    Relief, focus and direction

    Short and Sweet, With a Punch.

    Lifesaver Coaching is a short, focused, re-energising session that will help you sort through the chaos so that you can take effective action right now.

    When you book Lifesaver Coaching, you get:

    • Up to 90 minutes of full, undivided attention during which we will tap into your power resources and share insights so that you can reclaim your purpose, clarity and peace of mind as you move forward.
  • How It Works


    Pick a time

    Grab a time slot in my calendar that suits you.



    Once payment is received, you'll be sent a zoom link to our call.


    Let's Go

    Get a cuppa, a notebook and let's roll up our sleeves!

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    Reclaim Your Energy!


    €350.00 (+ €80.50 VAT)

    • 1 deep dive online coaching session 
    • A customised action plan
    • A sense of clarity and direction

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