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  • Is your career going in circles?

    Has your career been leading to stress, burnout, and confusion

    instead of purpose and energy?

  • Hi, I'm Clara!

    I help international executives who struggle with frustration and burnout in their jobs, so they can bring the sizzle and satisfaction back in their careers.

    When they work with me, they connect deeply with their true life purpose, becoming fulfilled and thrilled by their careers and their lives.

  • What they say about me

    I've been fortunate to work with some awesome people


    - WH Partners, Malta

    Clara has certainly a special "touch" in her work. Not only dedication and love for her work but empathy towards us professionals that may be dealing with all sort of emotions at these particular moments of our lives. Her smile and professionalism got me on the right track! Clara thank you for everything!


    - Business Development Director, EMEA / North America

    "Clara was amazing when I was looking at a career change. She was inspirational and kept me focused on what was important to me as a person to be both successful in a career but also in my personal life. She was a huge support in delivering first-class social media profiles and up to date professional CVs. She also provided great support when job offers were presented. Totally would recommend working with her to help with your career development or if you are looking to change ....."

  • What's Going On With You?

    Quotes from my clients when they first started working with me

    "My talents are overlooked, my CV is a sorry mess, and my LinkedIn game isn't too strong, either."

    "I can't see a future in my current role. I'm at the end of my rope."

    "Something's come up that can change everything, and I need you to help me figure it out."

  • About

    The Career Doctor

    I'm what they call a "diplo-brat."

    This means I got to travel the world extensively as a kid. Not only did this make me trilingual, but also made me extra curious about cultures and how people's minds work.

    So naturally, I ventured into a Psychology Master's degree, then an MBA in HR and Marketing, and a gazillion coaching certifications (PCC level at the ICF, baby!). My mom then said, "Oh no. Not only are you going to tell everyone what to do, you're now also going to be right."

    Ha! Moms, man...

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