Land your dream job by rebranding your career!

  • Stuck in a rut?

    You're getting passed over for that promotion time and time again.


    You want to be recognised for your amazing talents, but you're being overlooked by your organisation's leaders, and by the market.


    Right now, your branding is sounding more like a sad trombone, nobody’s calling you back, and you’re wondering if your career is on a downward spiral.


    Now what?

  • Career Rebranding

    Get noticed by the right people in the market (and make their jaws drop!) through this bulletproof, compact career branding package.

    You will convey the right message to your target audience (be it leaders in your company or, dare I say, the market?), your talents will turn heads, and your branding materials will keep them scrolling to find out more about you so that you can hone in on the rock star career you’ve always wanted!

  • Here's What They Say

    I've helped thousands of clients get noticed


    - Facebook, São Paulo

    "Clara was key during my career transition and CV creation process. I was impressed by her ability to understand my needs and career objectives through effective and creative sessions. More than creating a CV, Clara helped me to create my very own career narrative, leveraging my previous experiences and learning more about (and embracing) my unique skills. I highly recommend Clara’s services and expertise."


    - King Gaming, Sweden

    Clara helped me to go through a very tough phase of my career when I was really lost on what to do. I was about to do a career transition, and she guided me through it. One of the most important lessons I got from Clara is to acknowledge how hard it is to tell ourselves how good we are in some things. We tend to look just at what can be improved, and forget to give ourselves credit, properly translating these qualities to our CV, cover letters, etc. After our time together I was finally able to break into the gaming industry for good and ended up working on some of the biggest companies in the industry. Clara's work changed my life, and I totally recommend to anyone who needs this push on the career. Thank you Clara!

  • What You Get

    When you sign up for my Career Rebranding programme, you get:

    • A thorough career map questionnaire to trace your professional journey.
    • 4 in-depth coaching sessions to map your key talents, pinpoint your target group, and approach them in a way that gets you the results you want
    • An optional anonymous assessment of how you are currently perceived by your audience 
    • A clear, efficient message of your unique value to the position you want
    • A clear strategy around how to convey your message so that you can become Top Of Mind for your coveted position
    • A brand new adaptable CV
    • A database of achievements and talents so you can adapt your CV to any dream job that comes your way (Bonus: you never have to write another CV in your life!)
    • A personalised interview guide
    • A sparkling Linkedin page that keeps hiring managers hooked on your story and that bleep in the radar of applicant tracking systems through the perfect formatting and on-point keywords.
  • How It Works

    Four easy steps towards the best Career Branding of your life


    Pick a time

    Grab a time slot in my calendar that suits you.



    Once payment is received, you'll be sent a zoom link to our first call and a questionnaire.



    Fill out the questionnaire and send it back to me before our first call.


    Let's Go

    Get a cuppa and we're ready to rock!

  • Get Recognised For Your Talents


    €1920 (+ €442 VAT)

    • 4 career branding coaching sessions 
    • A thorough career map questionnaire
    • A clear-cut strategy for identifying, approaching and engaging your target audience for your dream role 
    • A database of your key talents and how to convey them
    • A brand new adaptable CV
    • A hot-tamale interview guide
    • A sparkling Linkedin page 
    • The self-confidence that comes with knowing your value

  • Did You Know?


    The average number of candidates you compete against for each new role. Clients who work with me get bumped to the top of the pile!


    of candidates get discarded because their approach was not suited for the role. I help you tailor your branding your dream job and give you additional tools to make it adjustable to other roles as well, so that you never have to worry about CVs or interviews again.


    of employers will seek proof of communication skills on a candidate’s resume. As a proud member of the Irish Apostrophe Preservation Society, I won't let so much as a comma slip into the wrong place and cause the wrong impression of you!


    of recruiters will look at your social media before they decide to call you or not. Where others might copy/paste what the CV says onto their LinkedIn (big no-no!), I will make your branding tells a compelling story about your career that will keep hiring managers scrolling to find out more about you!

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