• Burnout To Sizzle

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and build a fulfilling, purposeful career

  • Is your career at a dead end?

    You wanted to build a career that would enable you to create an amazing life for yourself, and a legacy you could be proud of. But now you’re staring in exasperation at your wilted, fun-free job, wondering how you’re going to get yourself out of this mess.

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    Burnout to Sizzle

    I can help you dissolve your job woes through my signature easy-to-follow, step by step Burnout to Sizzle programme, transforming your career from a battleground to a lush, fruitful field of successes.

  • What They Say

    I love my job because I get to work with amazing people like this:

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    - Martin Patrick Evan, New York

    “Clara was extremely helpful in aiding me to find the proper niche for my talents. She was able to assess my pros and cons, likes and dislikes, and evaluate what kind of career move would best suit me after getting my MBA. She is bright, insightful, and innovative. She is also a consummate professional and compelling to dialogue with.”

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    - International Coach Federation (ICF), Norway

    “As a coach, Clara is very present and has a clear focus on you as the client. I experienced Clara as a very authentic person and coach. She is respectful and you feel very supported when you are coached by her. These conversations helped me build my confidence and I have developed a more relaxed attitude towards the ups and downs that appears when you carry out your plans. Clara holds the space for you with humour, warmth, and trust. I learned a lot from being coached by Clara and I will highly recommend her. I always looked forward to our coaching session!”

  • What You Get

    When you sign up for my Burnout to Sizzle programme, you get:

    • 8 deep dive online coaching sessions to design and claim your own success (not somebody else’s).
    • 2 coaching tools to pinpoint what’s vital for you to achieve a dazzling career.
    • Your very own customised Birkman Method report, to help you pinpoint your job families, talents, motivators, needs, and traps. Think of it as a vital compass to guide your career journey.
    • Access to my interactive Growth Pipeline, to keep you organised and on target towards your goals.
  • How It Works

    4 easy steps towards a purposeful fulfilling career


    Pick a time

    Grab a time slot in my calendar that suits you.



    Once payment is received, you'll be sent a zoom link to our first call and a questionnaire.



    Fill out the questionnaire and send it back to me before our first call.


    Let's Go

    Get a cuppa and we're ready to rock!

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    Fall In Love With Your Career Again!


    €1640.00 (+ 377 VAT)

    • 8 deep dive online coaching sessions 
    • 2 coaching questionnaires 
    • A customised personality profile
    • Access to my interactive Growth Pipeline 
    • Fully committed partnership so you can finally flow into relief and success
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